International LAtina Engineer Week Conference

Welcome to the largest event for latinas in engineering!

This conference gives students and professionals access to an amazing network of Ingenieras to help them overcome the struggles that minorities face in STEM fields.

As part of ILEW, you can find virtual live sessions, career opportunities, a mentoring program, scholarship, and more. Our conference host both virtual and in person events!

Join us for an immersive experience that will accelerate your career journey.

What to expect

Virtual live Sessions

Mentoring & Networking

Career Opportunities


ILEW by the numbers

Since launch in 2020




awarded in scholarships


Ingeniera Speakers

Focused on showcasing ingenieras and their journeys

The conference is jam packed with workshops to help you develop engineering skills, land a new opportunity, and everything you need to take your career towards success. Every year we have multiple sessions hosted by ingenieras, sharing their journeys, challenges and advise.

Building a network of Latinas in STEM all over the world

We host more than 600 ingenieras every year, connecting them with others in the same field, school or city!

We also host other events throughout the year in different cities to increase the networking opportunities.

Why ILEW 2023?

The need for Latinas in STEM has never been greater. Conquering Engineering degrees is challenging, especially as a minority. ILEW empowers Ingenieras in any field with anecdotes, workshops, networking, mentoring, scholarships and everything else you need to thrive. Organized by Ingenieras, our conference brings a unique experience for any woman interested or currently pursuing an engineering career and bringing them the experience of a lifetime.

ILEW is hosted by Latina Engineer LLC and the Diana Iracheta Foundation NFP. A 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Join our community of Latinas in Engineering all across the country (and world) in this annual event.

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